I am a young woman, attentive to details. At first I chose Dr. Borra because he was Swiss, and he is in a  very convenient location, in the center of Lugano. Since my first visit there four years have passed and I reconfirm his professionalism … he doesn’t like anything in excess, he has phenomenal attention to the proportions of the face and is very delicate and painstaking both in surgery and in aesthetic medicine. I’ve recommended him to many friends, all satisfied, so I recommend him to all of you!

Noemi G.

Friendly and qualified staff. Dr. Borra is always available. He listens to his patients very carefully and gives correct advice for intervention. I am extremely satisfied.

Chiara N.

I had surgery in May 2015, and I’m very happy! Dr. Borra is very thorough, precise and professional. For anything he is always willing to talk in a very human manner. I highly recommend him, he puts people at ease.

Nadya V.

I got to know Dr. Luca Borra three years ago for a liposculpture to my abdomen and I was super satisfied. After that I asked advise for some facial treatments with botox and hyaluronic acid. I always return willingly because the results are excellent but discreet (no one notices a “plastic” change) and above all I have built a  strong relationship of trust.

Jasmin P.

Dear girls and women I want you to know that if you want a very professional cosmetic surgeon, but above all capable, I would strongly advise Dr Luca Borra of Lugano.

I turned to him for a breast augmentation. I state I was very skeptical because I had already been seen by a renowned surgeon, but unfortunately during the visit he was dismissive and very quick with his explanation wich left me puzzled, so I tried to find another surgeon that would meet my needs.

During the visit with dr Luca Borra I realized that in front of me there was a pleasant surgeon who also could see the human side and not just the aesthetics.

I asked a lot of questions and doubts that I had flashed on my mind and he responded with calm and tranquility to all my perplexities without dodging any problem. I had surgery with him and to this day it has been a year and a half and the results are perfect without consequences. Apart from the initial pain I have not had any problems and returned to work after about a week.

I would strongly recommend Luca Borra for any surgery, because the main difference lies in the human factor, and he is able to grasp the human and aesthetic aspects. Not least the size and type of prosthesis that he recommends are not like we could imagine, but he creates union and harmony with the body without falling into the vulgar.

Manuela T.

I went to doctor Luca Borra,

I would say he’s a competent, nice and very professional person.
He understood from the first moment my problem with my hips and cellulite. To which I fought for years without an improvement.
So I finally made the decision to undergo surgery!
Straight away… and what results !!!
As we all know, before surgery we have anxieties, fears and insecurities ..
But thanks to the visit to his medical office I found a well-equipped staff, very friendly and helpful who put me immediately at ease and helped me forget all worries!
Detail .. During hospitalization in Procrea Clinic in Lugano the staff were available immediately and very kind.
A very nice and professional staff !!
For the anesthesia, full trust!!!!
Upon awakening they leave you to rest and recover, but especially NO vomiting!!
Which unfortunately I am very subject to !!
What can I say .. Interventions with Luca Borra are the best of the best!
And the results are great !!
10 out of 10!!!!
Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentina C.

I went to visit Dr. Luca Borra for a consultation for a breast augmentation and a facelift.

The warmth of his collaborators was immediately very welcoming. Dr. Luca greeted me immediately with a handshake and a big smile putting me at ease right away, I explained my problem, he immediately made it his problem, instructing me on every little detail of this type of intervention, advising me on the best procedure, making me feel aware and safe.

I’m saying this because he wasn’t the first surgeon I’ve been to, none of the others made me feel so good and confident, especially, I felt like myself and not like a number 10 patient.

After all the required examinations his staff organized my intervention at the very private, Procrea clinic, with well trained and smiling nurses. For what I experienced Dr. Luca could not have chosen a better team, nurses, anesthesiologist, operating staff, his surgical assistant, his talented and beautiful wife, excellent! I could not ask for more. I was greeted, visited, operated and followed up to date with professional precision and seriousness. Following the precise and professional advice of Dr. Luca I had an excellent result. Thanks to his entire team, and especially to dear  Dr. Luca.

Gabriella F.