Dr. Luca Borra, stated Lugano’s plastic surgeon,  is dedicated on helping his patients find the image they want for themselves.

With his unique artistic eye and his experience, Dr. Borra helps each of his patients to have the face, the nose and the body they dream of.

Whether you are looking for breast augmentation surgery, a facelift or a non-surgical treatment, Dr. Borra can help you to see and feel yourself better.


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Come and meet Dr. Borra for a consultation

Dr. Borra’s consultation is made from patients’ point of view.

He wants to be better than others in two things: thoroughness and honesty. He wants to reveal in you what you want from cosmetic surgery.

He will honestly tell you if you can get the results you want and how he can
to help you best.

Dr. Borra is a renowned plastic surgeon in Lugano
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Dr. Borra has the hand of the surgeon and an artist's eye
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The state of art
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Changing the image can make people feel better about themselves
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Borra on TV

When you’re a successfull surgeon it’s normal to be called on television.

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logo-teleticinoDr. Borra, guest at Teleticino October 6th, 2014

At Teleticino we talk about plastic surgery with Dr. Borra


Dr. Borra speaks on TV of his corrective mastoplasty

Dr. Borra is guest of the prime time program Patti Chiari on the Swiss television. Record share for a current and controversial issue: how to re-operate a breast augmentation

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Watch Dr. Borra explaining step by step the most important procedures, simple and friendly as only he can be. Discover the unique style of his consultations.

“Consultation with Dr. Borra is different”

What does Dr. Borra do:

His consultation will be honest and understandable, often it lasts up to an hour. Dr. Luca Borra plastic surgeon will listen to you talk about your appearance, and will understand exactly what you want from him. He will tell you if what you want is reasonable and appropriate, otherwise he will recommend what it is best for you and why. He will show examples of his work and photos of his patients with aspects of surgery similar to yours. He will clarify which procedure is most suitable for you and what you can expect in terms of commitment, suffering, hospitalization and results. Dr. Borra will never rush and will answer all your questions.


What Dr. Borra doesn’t do:

He won’t  tell you what you want to hear, he won’t  agree with you only because you’re willing to pay for what you want, he doesn’t want to sell you anything. He will not do things the easy way for his interest. He will not attempt to propose the most expensive procedure, and he will not recommend the procedure that is more advantageous for him at the expense of what is best for you. He won’t promise results that can’t be achieved and won’t make you hurry your decisions. He doesn’t agree to implement any procedure that may be harmful to your physical or mental health or your well-being.

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what do you know about breasts?

You have had a pregnancy and your breasts don’t satisfy you anymore? They have emptied?
Or they are too big, embarrass you and give you back problems? To be informed about all available possibilities for you, please contact with confidence Dr. Borra, a plastic surgery and breasts specialist.

Breast augmentation. If you want larger breasts, but not too much, Dr. Luca Borra can give you exactly the size you dream of, that fits your body. Choose with him the best augmentation for you,  among the many he can offer.
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Breast lift. A Breast Lift is useful if skin has lost elasticity and the breasts become low and flat. Dr. Borra can lift it for you, without visible scars.
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Augmentation with breast lift. Breast augmentation and breast lift can be performed together, especially after pregnancy. Discover with Dr. Borra how  this could be appropriate for your case.
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Breast reduction. Big breasts could sometimes be a problem. They can cause pain and posture disorders. Breast reduction is an operation that can be paid for by health insurance.
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What do you want to know about the body?

Following a diet and physical activity are help-full, but not always able to change your body into what you want. Plastic surgery can help you. Liposuction can remove the fat that doesn’t respond to diet; a tummy tuck can shape your belly. Ask Dr. Borra how you can achieve the body you want.

Liposuction. Liposuction and liposculpture models the body to achieve a slim and beautiful figure.
Liposuction reduces love handles, bulges, double chins and bellys. Liposculpture shapes the thighs.
With these techniques Dr. Borra can create a perfect body.
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Beautiful after pregnancy. The Mummy back in shape is designed for a woman after pregnancy. The Mummy back in shape is customized for each patient. Often it includes breast augmentation, liposuction,
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Abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty is an operation that removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen
approaching the abdominal muscles between them. Befits those who want a flat and skinny stomach.
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Intimate surgery. The intimate surgery is increasingly in demand. Big labia are slightly swollen, small labia are long and protruding, or vagina is too large with small drippings? Please contact Dr. Borra with confidence.
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What do you want to know about the face?

Wrinkles and furrows have appeared? Or skin he lost tone?  The facial plastic surgery, of which Dr. Luca Borra is an expert, deletes the effects that time has had on the face. From the blepharoplasty to the minilifting, Dr. Borra can help you regain a fresh and natural look. Call today for a consultation.

Lifting. You don’t like your neck? The double chin bothers you? Or those drooping bags make you look a bit old? Please contact Dr. Borra,  he can explain all you need to know for a face-lift or a minilifting. Dr. Borra performs  a special mini-facelift called the Borra Lift
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Rhinoplasty. When we turn to plastic surgeon Dr. Luca Borra for a nose surgery it is because we are not
happy with the look of our nose. Sometimes, however, there might be a breathing problem. Find out how
Dr. Borra operates the nose with an artist’s eye.
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Blepharoplasty. The cosmetic eyelid surgery, called blepharoplasty, improves the appearance of the upper or lower eyelids, or both, achieving rejuvenation without changing the look.
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Protruding ears. Protruding ears are too often ridiculed especially with kids.
Flattening the ears is easier than you think.
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what do you want to know about mens procedures?

The men cares about this appearance. He does not like to grow old and wants to retain his charm. There are specific aesthetic procedures available for him that maintain his masculine aspect enhancing his looks. If you’re a man and you want to get closer to plastic surgery Dr. Borra is the right person for you: whether it’s thickening your hair or to remove some wrinkles, please contact him with confidence.

Hair transplant. The baldness does not make you feel comfortable: resolve the situation by calling Dr. Borra with confidence.
His technology and talent are at your disposal.
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Male breasts. Gynecomastia: This is the problem of many young men who have a protruding mammary gland that should not be there. Find out how you can solve your problem and get ready to show off your chest without thoughts.
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Rhinoplasty. If you don’t  breath well or your nose is too big, ask Dr Borra the details of his men’s rhinoplasty.
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What do you want to know about cosmetic medicine?

Are you thinking about an alternative to surgery?  With Dr. Borra you can find everything you need for your beauty without surgery. From fillers to plasma treatments, Dr. Borra transforms his work into a work of art.

Fillers. Dr. Borra has worked with these biocompatible materials since 1998. His great experience is at your
disposal. For your treatments choose a plastic surgeon who is a facial artist.
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Botox. In use since 1980, botulinum toxin was introduced in aesthetic medicine in 1997. Find out how Dr. Borra can leave the emotions on your face but at the same time erase wrinkles.
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Lips. You will love the lips that Dr. Borra can give you.
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Nose filler injections. With hyaluronic acid Dr. Borra can remove the hump of your nose.
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Stem cells. Your body has a supply of stem cells ready to be used. Ask
plastic surgeon dr. Borra,  who’s experienced in this procedure, how to do so.
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Plasma PRP. In your blood there is already the resource to revitalize your skin:  plasma is rich in growth factors which stimulate the collagen production.
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Fraxel. The laser that regenerates the skin is ready for you.
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