Face / Lip lift

If the upper lip pivots down and the space between the nose and upper lip is too large a lip lift is the solution.

After lip lift the mouth becomes more sensual because it increases the size of the lips.

To perform a lip lift Dr. Luca Borra, Lugano’s plastic surgeon, recommends a minor surgery.


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What is a lip lift?

To lift the upper lip Dr. Borra performs a quick operation in microsurgery.
Dr. Luca Borra, recommends the lip lift to patients requiring improvement of the lips profile.

Why would you want a lip lift?

For more sensual lips

Naturally plumped and defined lips are attractive and desirable. If the top lip is long it looks as you have no top teeth and this may not be nice. The lip lift shortens the upper lip and rotating it on the outside it increases the size of the lips.

Your expression will become very interesting

Did you know that the proportions of your face determine how large or small you nose looks? A shorter upper lip indirectly improves the length of the nose.

What can you expect from your first consultation:

If you are considering this procedure, come to Dr. Borra. The consultation may last an hour. In your consultation, Dr. Borra will:

  • listen to what you want after surgery
  • perform a thorough examination
  • tell you exactly what he recommends for you and why
  • answer with simplicity and cordiality,  and will make sure that all your questions, even ones about financial and insurance aspects, have been clearly answered

As part of the consultation, Dr. Borra will give you the opportunity to view photographs of his patients, as they appeared before and after treatment so that you understand how he will perform your treatment. You will speak about your needs and he will describe the results you’ll get from your treatment.  It is very important that you and your surgeon are in agreement on the aesthetic  result in order to achieve  what you desire. Call today for a consultation with Dr. Borra which has more than 3000 patients.