Aesthetic medicine / Hyaluronidase

You have resorted to a medical aesthetic treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers, but you are not satisfied.

Your lips are too big or asymmetrical. Under your eyes puffy bags have appeared , maybe only on one side.

Certainly it would of been better to go to Dr. Borra before that, but you can always fix it. He certainly knows what to advise to solve your problem.

Although the filler should have a temporary effect, if infiltrated incorrectly it could not be absorbed any more. Dr. Borra has been using hyaluronidase, that dissolves hyaluronic acid in excess, since many years.


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What are the fillers?

The fillers are biocompatible materials. When  injected in the face they make the skin stretch and  compact. The most frequently used fillers are hyaluronic acid ones. Hyaluronic acid is present in the body and is completely natural.

What is hyaluronidase?

The fillers of hyaluronic acid are dissolved if you inject into them the hyaluronidase, an enzyme that destroys the links allowing it to be absorbed by the  body in a few hours.

Hyaluronic acid forms a puffiness under the eye?

Hyaluronic acid forms a puffiness under the eye

The hyaluronic acid is very useful for removing dark circles, but if injected in the wrong way, or if the doctor choses the wrong density, it can cause puffiness under the eyelids.

You can see the filler under the skin

If injected too much on the surface, the filler can be visible through the skin. Dr. Borra, by  using hyaluronidase, will remove this effect.

Too big lips

You wanted  to increase the definition of your  lips, but the doctor put too much filler in. To remedy this entrusted  Dr. Borra who will reduce them with a few injections.


The treatment is not symmetrical, but do not want to add more where there is less filler: Dr. Borra will melt the excess.


The hyaluronic acid fillers are useful, but they must be well distributed in the dermis: if it has formed a lump  that doesn’t go away,  hyaluronidase is the solution for you.

A safe treatment

The hyaluronidase is safe, Dr. Borra uses it since many years.

What can you expect from your first consultation:

If you are considering this procedure, come to Dr. Borra. The consultation may last an hour. In your consultation, Dr. Borra will:

  • listen to what you want after surgery
  • perform a thorough examination
  • tell you exactly what he recommends for you and why
  • answer with simplicity and cordiality,  and will make sure that all your questions, even ones about financial and insurance aspects, have been clearly answered

As part of the consultation, Dr. Borra will give you the opportunity to view photographs of his patients, as they appeared before and after treatment so that you understand how he will perform your treatment. You will speak about your needs and he will describe the results you’ll get from your treatment.  It is very important that you and your surgeon are in agreement on the aesthetic  result in order to achieve  what you desire. Call today for a consultation with Dr. Borra which has more than 3000 patients.

``When I approach a face using fillers I always say one thing to patients: less is better. There is always time to add more and a policy of small steps has never disappointed anyone.``
Dr. Luca Borra

What do you want to know about hyaluronidase?

The treatment is performed in the medical office. Dr Borra intervenes with hyaluronidase, while you are under the effect of an anesthetic cream or of an anesthetic such as the one dentist do (called troncular).

``Remember, you should not be in a hurry, proceed by small steps.``
Dr. Luca Borra