Aesthetic surgery / Breast

Larger, smaller or simply different: if you want to change your breast, Lugano’s plastic surgeon Dr. Luca Borra, also breast care specialist, can help you.

With the greatest understanding of your situation and years of experience in the remodeling of the breasts, Dr. Borra can help you decide the size and shape of the breasts that are breast for you.

Then he will help you to get exactly what you want. Simple. Fantastic.


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Breast Augmentation

You want to increase your breast size, but you don’t want it to be to large or one that looks fake. Dr. Luca Borra, plastic surgeon, can give you exactly the size you want, and of course perfectly suited to your body.

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The breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is an operation that lifts and reshapes a sagging breast. With aging, the skin loses elasticity and the breasts become lower and flatter. Learn how Dr. Borra can help you magically raise them again.

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Breast augmentation with breast lift

Breast augmentation with breast lift can be a solution for the loss of volume for both the sagging appearance that the breast may have in certain circumstances, particularly for women who have had children. Each operation solves a specific problem, so both procedures are often required to achieve the desired result.

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Breasts are a beautiful thing, but having too much is a problem. They can cause pain and disorders of the posture. They can create problems in dressing comfortably. It’s an operation that can be paid by the health insurance.

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Breast corrective

You’ve had a breast augmentation and now you're not happy. It is a sad thing. Come talk to Dr. Borra, specialized plastic surgeon with a long experience of working on the breasts, and discover how you can adjust your previous intervention. He'll help you achieve what you really want.

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Correction of nipples

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