Body / Tummy tuck and mini-abdominoplasty

Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to maintain a slender waist.

In these cases, you can consider abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen at the same time approaching the abdominal rectus muscles together.

This surgery is suitable for those who want a flat and skinny stomach. Abdominoplasty is also useful for the abdominal muscles that have relaxed, called diastasis, which is very common after pregnancy.


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What is a abdominoplasty?

Dr. Borra intervenes to remove the skin and excess fat from the belly with a tummy tuck.

With abdominoplasty Dr. Borra even corrects the abdominal muscles often flaccid and spaced from bloating (diastasis). This procedure reduces the space between abdominal rectus muscles that form the anterior abdominal wall itself.

If at this level there are hernias, for example in the umbilical area, they are reduced in the abdomen.

Why would you want a tummy tuck?

I have a fat belly

A relaxed abdomen can be unpleasant, but a  globular abdomen may also become a health problem. No doubt physical activity and a healthy diet help to prevent this problem. To fix modest increases of adipose tissue  a liposuction is sufficient, but for cases in which the skin is too abundant  it is better to have a abdominoplasty

I have a hernia

If at this level they are hernias, such as round the navel, Dr. Borra will take them away. In the presence of an umbilical hernia, a net is applied in order to maintain the stable results over time. In severe it can be diagnosed as a gutting. This condition is more serious than just excess skin and health insurance companies may recognize this surgery as a necessary intervention.

I had fluctuating weight change

After pregnancy, especially after having twins, or a result of fluctuating weight change belly relaxation can be a problem. Sometimes it’s not just a relaxation, but of a real encumbrance that makes everyday gestures difficult, such as bending to tie your shoes. A relaxed abdomen can be unpleasant, but even a globular abdomen may also become a health problem.

I also have a lowered pelvis

Abdominoplasty gives a flat stomach, reduces the hips to the back and lifts the relaxed pelvis. The scar is low and hidden by underwear.

What do you get from a liposuction?

A flat stomach

If the pregnancy has given you a beautiful child, but your tummy is gone, Dr. Borra, Lugano’s plastic surgeon, can help you. Turn to him with confidence to regain the form of a time.

A more comfortable life

To bend, to tie your shoes, driving  are tiring movements? It seems you have an attached burden? Abdominoplasty is your solution. Dr. Borra will be on hand to explain every detail of your intervention.

What can you expect from your first consultation:

If you are considering this procedure, come to Dr. Borra. The consultation may last an hour. In your consultation, Dr. Borra will:

  • listen to what you want after surgery
  • perform a thorough examination
  • tell you exactly what he recommends for you and why
  • answer with simplicity and cordiality,  and will make sure that all your questions, even ones about financial and insurance aspects, have been clearly answered

As part of the consultation, Dr. Borra will give you the opportunity to view photographs of his patients, as they appeared before and after treatment so that you understand how he will perform your treatment. You will speak about your needs and he will describe the results you’ll get from your treatment.  It is very important that you and your surgeon are in agreement on the aesthetic  result in order to achieve  what you desire. Call today for a consultation with Dr. Borra which has more than 3000 patients.


What do you want to know about abdominoplasty?

Your abdominoplasty may be an outpatient procedure, but often one night of hospitalization is recommended.

After your consultation and visit to his medical office in Lugano, Dr. Borra will estimate how much time he’ll need to perform the procedure.

Dr. Borra will take his time to be sure you get a balanced and beautiful result.

``Remember, the result is what really counts .``
Dr. Luca Borra

For the best possible result, we expect Dr. Borra to perform the tummy tuck in anesthesia.

If the skin is relaxed especially in the lower abdomen, the operation can only be performed on the part of the stomach below the navel. This surgery is faster and the scar is shorter. Contact today Dr. Borra who will be very happy to talk to you of the details of this technique.

Often Dr. Borra combines liposuction and tummy tuck for a complete result and a slimmer silhouette.

Pubic lifting
With age the skin of the pubis can relax: you can combine abdominoplasty with a pubic lift without adding scars.

What can you expect after surgery?

The same day

You will be constantly monitored and observed until you are able to go home. Sometimes it will be necessary to stay in the clinic overnight. Someone will have to take you home and drive. At home you will need to be assisted for a day or two. You’ll have to sleep with your legs slightly bent. You can walk if you feel to do so. Remember to buy the medicines prescribed before surgery and keep them on hand.

The first week

For two weeks after surgery you should wear a sturdy and comfortable body shaper  made in the USA that is provided directly to patients by the staff. You’ll be able to shower after a few days. Bruises may appear, but not to worry because dr  Borra will have told you that this is normal.

Two months

You’ll see yourself well,  but the finished result needs more time.

6 months

You’ll see yourself very well. You’ll breathe easily, and you’ll be happy to show off your new physique.