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If you're thinking about an alternative to surgery you can find here everything you need for your beauty without operation.

Learn how Dr. Borra has planned to intervene for your beauty and the benefits of buying his packages.


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annual packages

You can choose to buy your treatments all together at an advantageous price, and use them in a year or to pay in 12 monthly installments and receive them step by step.


4 hyaluronic acid fillers
3 treatments with Botox
2 laser peel
2 Fraxel Lasers
2 V-lift treatments
FrS 4500.-
Or FrS 450.- per month


4 hyaluronic acid fillers
2 treatments with Botox
2 laser peel
FrS 3000.-
Or FrS 300.- per month


Maintain your beauty with all that’s needed
3 hyaluronic acid fillers
2 treatments with Botox
FrS 1800.-
FrS 1800.-Or FrS 180.- per month

Pacchetto PRP

3 plasma treatments (PRP)
FrS 1000.-
Or FrS. 100 per month

Pacchetto laser

3 laser peel
3 Fraxel Laser
FrS 3000.-
Or FrS. 270 per month

Pacchetto Botox plus 512px-Flag_of_Switzerland_(Pantone).svg

4 microbotox
FrS 1550.-
Or FrS 150.- per month

Scopri gli spettacolari vantaggi riservati ai pazienti che decidono di ricevere sia un intervento di chirurgia estetica sia i trattamenti di medicina estetica dal Dr. Borra.

The payments in monthly installments are subject to approval by the company that disbursed the loan.