Breast / Breast augmentation with breast lift

Breast augmentation is the operation that increases the volume of the breast and give’s it shape.

Since breast augmentation enlarges the breasts, this surgery does not move it, neither lifts relaxed breasts.

Breast augmentation with breast lift is an excellent solution for patients who want natural and larger breasts , that look toned and youthful .


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Lift and breast augmentation

Dr. Borra explains in this video with simplicity and clarity how to enlarge and lift breast with only one intervention. Follow his instructions and choose the right technique for you

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96% of patients are satisfied with the breast augmentation with breast lift

According to members of the Real Self, independent American platform of patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery, 96% of patients who chose a breast augmentation with a breast lift are happy with the result. This did not surprise Dr. Luca Borra, Lugano’s plastic surgeon, who noticed a rise in requests for this procedure, particularly in Mummy Back to Shape. Although not all women need it, the full agenda of Dr. Borra is the proof that breast augmentation with breast lift is increasingly in demand.

The growth in popularity of breast lift

The American Society of Plastic Surgery reported in 2014 an increase of 75% compared to 2000 in the execution number  number of these operations. Although breast augmentation is always the most popular procedure, to combine breast lift is becoming increasingly important.

Why are both operations recommended to restore shape and volume?

A breast augmentation with lift provides a solution for both the loss of volume and the lowering of the breasts, especially for women who have had a pregnancy.

Each procedure addresses a specific problem. The breast implant restores the volume, but does not change the position of the breast on the chest. Without lifting the breasts, a prosthesis can worsen the sagging.

Dr. Borra spends much time with patients explaining both procedures. Patients who just want a breast lift, are often unaware that this will not create a full breast, particularly in the upper part.

A breast lift usually reduces the breasts by one size: to patients who dream of a higher and firmer breast,  Dr. Borra will advise not to lessen the volume of the breast, but rather to keep the size or to enlarge it with a mammary implant.

What does concern breast augmentation and what concerns breast lifting?

The breast lift is performed to remove excess skin, internally models the mammary gland and raise the areola and nipple. After this surgery the breast assumes a youthful appearance.

If the areola is too large and extended, it can be reduced with the breast lift. To place a breast implant is to create a pocket for the implant, usually under the muscles, place the prosthesis and close the incisions.

Breast augmentation and breast lifting can now be combined?

Until not long ago these procedures were performed in two stages. At first the prosthesis was inserted, and after that the breast was lifted.

Studies have shown that by resorting to techniques and advanced materials it is safe to perform the two procedures individually or in combination.

Of course the surgeon must be experienced in both. The advantage to perform together the two operations is twofold: one operation involves only one anesthesia, and recovery is generally faster than in two separate operations.

If you want  firmer and rounder breasts,  you can choose to receive a simple breast augmentation or combine it with the breast lift. Dr. Borra can simply explain the difference between the two procedures and help you choose the right one for you.

Am I a candidate for a breast augmentation with lifting?

During your consultation Dr. Borra will examine all possible options based on your health status, your breasts and your goals.

The right candidates for this operation are  the patients with:

  • volume loss
  • nipples facing down or lower than the infra-mammary areola fold
  • large drooping breasts (the test is to put a pencil under your breast, and see if  it remains suspended in the infra-mammary fold)
  • the top part of your bikini tends to fall
  • the upper part of the breast is flat or empty
  • one breast is larger or out of place compared to the other

Dr. Borra recommends breast augmentation with breast lift based on the state of the breasts, their physiology and goals you want to achieve. His focus is on the health and safety of his patients in order to offer them the best breast augmentation with breast lift they might have.

What can you expect from your first consultation:

If you are considering this procedure, come to Dr. Borra. The consultation may last an hour. In your consultation, Dr. Borra will:

  • listen to what you want after surgery
  • perform a thorough examination
  • tell you exactly what he recommends for you and why
  • answer with simplicity and cordiality,  and will make sure that all your questions, even ones about financial and insurance aspects, have been clearly answered

As part of the consultation, Dr. Borra will give you the opportunity to view photographs of his patients, as they appeared before and after treatment so that you understand how he will perform your treatment. You will speak about your needs and he will describe the results you’ll get from your treatment.  It is very important that you and your surgeon are in agreement on the aesthetic  result in order to achieve  what you desire. Call today for a consultation with Dr. Borra which has more than 3000 patients.

``For a perfect result you can’t accept compromises: low breasts have to be lifted for a lasting and satisfying result.``
Dr. Luca Borra

Dr. Borra will help you in your choice

To take into consideration the lifting of the breast, with or without implants, you must evaluate the incisions to be performed, the shape of the prosthesis and its size. The incisions are established  based on several factors: the size of the breast and areola, the size of the descent of the breast (called ptosis) and the elasticity of the skin. The volume of implants and breast size affect this decision.

Dr. Borra wants that patients make their own choices. He doesn’t want to insert the prosthesis that are not indicated, or choose the incisions for other reasons than to perform the operation in the correct way for you.

Dr. Borra performs many consultations, giving patients the necessary time to discuss their concerns and to learn from him how to have the best breast augmentation with breast lift. This creates a partnership that unites the doctor and patient to pursue a common purpose, by strengthening mutual trust and get a perfect result.

Obtain perfect scars - Dr. Borra’s skill-full sutures

Every time you cut the skin there is a scar. You will see the skill of a surgeon when the scars are fully healed.

Fine and virtually invisible scars are a feature of the work of Dr. Borra because he works in a precise and meticulous manner, using special sutures performed with techniques and high quality materials.

Unlike many other surgeons he does all the work himself. With  time his precision guarantees imperceptible scars.

In addition patients follow a protocol for the treatment of scars after surgery to prevent infection and obtain the healing that is expected.

The scars need a year or more to finish their healing process, so you have to be patient. Dr. Borra is by your side in the whole procedure  so that  you reach the goal desired.

``Remember, the result is what really counts.``
Dr. Luca Borra