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At the center of the Dr. Borra’s philosophy is the idea that an informed and educated patient is a happy patient.

Dr. Borra wants you to have control over the changes that you’ll have in your life:
When you understand exactly what you intend to do, the right decisions are taken.


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“Knowledge is power! I spend an incredible amount of hours to prepare each of my patients for an intervention.

I want to be sure they understand each phase of the operation. The more aware the better they’ll be able to make their decisions. The more informed and better will know how to behave after the operation.

The satisfaction of my clients is the reason I do my job every day. I give a tremendous value to the trust they place in me. “


My philosophy

Dr. Borra believes that plastic surgery is now very different from a few years ago. The experience is better and the satisfaction overall much higher. This is because according to him, the patients have a greater familiarity with the topic and know what to expect from surgery.
They are more informed today than ever before and when they come to the surgeon’s office already know many things.

Plastic surgery on television is a constant presence and it’s easy to meet with friends or acquaintances who have already undergone surgery. Advances in surgery and anesthesia have helped increase the number of those who undergo a cosmetic surgery.

``People who undergo plastic surgery have changed since I opened the medical office 10 years ago.

With Extreme Makeover and Dr. 90210 plastic surgery has entered the homes of ordinary people.

I myself have seen the interest of viewers in programs where I worked for Swiss television. You have online information available for virtually any surgery: more and more people are seeking the help of a plastic surgeon. ``

Dr. L. Borra

Today more than ever before, people seek a plastic surgeon who follows them as people, with whom to establish a personal contact, without being just numbers.

Plastic surgery is not just for the rich and famous, but is also available to the person next door. More and more men are turning to cosmetic surgery. Today it is much more accepted than in the past to undergo a remodeling.

There is a careful search for quality of life: healthy food, physical activity, mental serenity are more and more present. It is natural that it also aspires to a physical improvement. To improve one’s appearance is also good to focus on your life style, eating healthy foods, dedicating time to yourself and increasing your self-esteem. Beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside.