Aesthetic surgery / Face

With time, the face changes. Wrinkles and furrows appear; skin, that was once full and compact, loses elasticity. Facial plastic surgery reverses the effects of time and aging, restores the simple, clean lines of a youthful face. From blepharoplasty to mini-lifting Dr. Borra can help you regain your youthful appearance. Call today for a consultation.


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Borra lift

If looking in the mirror you feel that your relaxed and sagging skin makes you look older than you are, the Borra Lift can be done for you.

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It is a precise and delicate surgery on a very visible part of the body. If you are looking for someone reliable for a blepharoplasty, it might be Dr. Borra.

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Brow lift Surgery

If your eyes are heavy because the eyebrows are too low discover how the plastic surgeon Dr. Luca Borra can rehabilitate them for you.

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Learn how Dr. Borra, plastic surgeon with a strong artistic side, can make your nose look beautiful with a very natural effect. Improve your profile and your breathing: call today for a consultation with him and discover his talent.

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The ear surgery, or surgery to correct protruding ears, brings ears closer to the head. Very often surgery of protruding ears is made for children.

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You may think it’s a small detail, but discover how Dr. Borra can give it value.

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Chin plasty

With chin surgery special biocompatible implants can change your profile. With small chin prosthetic Dr. Borra will perform a perfect mentoplasty for you.

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Lip lift

If your top lip is too low, please contact Dr. Borra who can lift it and give you the lips that you love.

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