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Gynecomastia is a condition in which the man's chest has grown in excess because of the mammary gland.

It could be due to hormonal changes, illness or the intake of certain therapies. We call gynecomastia over-developed or enlarged breasts in men, this can be the cause of emotional and self confidence problems.

Some men avoid embarrassing situations and personal contacts just for this problem.


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The chest of man can have mammary glands. Or simply an accumulation of fat that seems breasts. Dr. Borra can help you figure out if you suffer of gynecomastia and can advise you how to solve your problem.

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What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia surgery is the surgical correction of the over-developed or enlarged breasts in men.

What are surgery solution?

False gynecomastia or pseudogynaecomastia

Gynecomastia can be caused by the fatty tissue in the breast area: in this case we call it pseudo-gynaecomastia and the procedure simply consists in the aspiration of the excess adipose tissue with a liposuction in order to solve the problem definitively.

Real gynecomastia

If under the nipples there is an enlarged glandular tissue, we call it real gynecomastia. The mammary gland is removed surgically through small incisions around the areola with a procedure that’s called adenomammectomia. Dr. Borra is very experienced and can tell you at once if this is your case.

Mixed Gynecomastia

This is the more frequent case, it’s caused by the interaction of Real Gynecomastia and False Gynecomastia. Liposuction and gland removal are perfect.

What do you get from a male breast reduction?

A flat chest

From wherever you start, you know you definitely want to get rid of the breasts. Dr. Borra, Lugano’s plastic surgeon, will understand what kind of gynecomastia you have and will advise you how to deal with it. If necessary he will personally ask your health insurance to help you cover the costs of surgery.

Feel confident

Maybe for your girlfriend it’s not a problem, but you know that you feel embarrassed to take you’re t-shirt off. What a nuisance when under tight shirts you can see peeping breasts. Do not delay and contact Dr. Borra, with simplicity and frankness he will tell you how to solve your problem.

What can you expect from your first consultation:

If you are considering this procedure, come to Dr. Borra. The consultation may last an hour. In your consultation, Dr. Borra will:

  • listen to what you want after surgery
  • perform a thorough examination
  • tell you exactly what he recommends for you and why
  • answer with simplicity and cordiality,  and will make sure that all your questions, even ones about financial and insurance aspects, have been clearly answered

As part of the consultation, Dr. Borra will give you the opportunity to view photographs of his patients, as they appeared before and after treatment so that you understand how he will perform your treatment. You will speak about your needs and he will describe the results you’ll get from your treatment.  It is very important that you and your surgeon are in agreement on the aesthetic  result in order to achieve  what you desire. Call today for a consultation with Dr. Borra which has more than 3000 patients.

``Diagnosis is essential in order to treat patients in the best way. For a correct diagnosis experience is fundamental: if a surgeon is not able to recognise a pseudogynecomastia or a real gynecomastia he’s not the right man for you.``
Dr. Luca Borra

What do you want to know about gynecomastia?

Your gynecomastia can be an outpatient procedure, but it does not mean that it’s a minor operation, as you may believe. After your consultation and visit by his medical office in Lugano, Dr. Borra will estimate how long it will take to perform the procedure, and if you will need to be hospitalized overnight. Dr. Borra takes his  time to make sure you get a balanced and wonderful result.

``Remember, the result is what really counts.``
Dr. Luca Borra

For best possible results, Dr. Borra will perform your gynecomastia under anesthesia.

What can you expect after surgery?

The same day

You will be constantly under observation until you are able to go home. Sometimes it will be necessary to stay overnight. Someone will have to take you home and drive. At home you will need to be assisted for a day or two. At home it’s important to rest with a pillow to raise your arms and back. Remember to buy prescribed medicines before surgery. Please have ice packs available to put on the chest.

The first week

In the first few days your chest will be covered with a medication and you should wear the required compression vest that will be procured directly by the medical office staff. It’s not possible to  shower until the medication is removed. It’s forbidden to lift weights over 10 kg. You can’t do any exercises, but if you feel like walking you may do so. Usually four days after surgery Dr. Borra removes medication and you will see your new chest for the first time. A bit of burning and itching are normal.

Ten days

After a week, most patients return to work, still wearing the required compression vest, exactly as dr Borra will have indicated so that the chest will heal well. For a few weeks you will still have to give up efforts and avoid to lift weights.

3-6 months

Beach and dressing rooms will be your dream!