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Meet Dr. Luca Borra the plastic surgeon of Lugano. A superb surgeon who brings his artistic talent and his incredible attention to detail in every intervention that he performs. His unique blend of art, talent and friendliness is what makes him a surgeon unlike any other.


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Dr. Borra is a renowned plastic surgeon in Lugano. Born in Italy and naturalized in Switzerland, he lives with his family and practices his profession in Ticino. His work has been praised in television broadcasting “Patti Chiari” and “Falò” and has been featured on the show “In onda con voi”.

His open personality and his warm attitude help him to work with patients of all ages. Dr. Borra’s dedication combined with his meticulous attention to detail, is evident in the nature of the results of his operations, and hundreds of satisfied patients.

His name is famous for breast augmentation, Borra Lift and Mummy Back in Shape, to name a few. His reputation among patients and colleagues have made him “the man from whom to go” for corrective surgery and reconstruction.

In addition to being a talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Borra is a photographer and a keen artist that captures the complexity of beauty in nature and brings  all this to his surgery. His natural tendency to heal others is evident in reconstructive surgeries for tumors or trauma. In spite of his flourishing business in Lugano, Dr. Borra finds time to help those less fortunate than himself by engaging in voluntary missions.



Dr. med. Luca Borra FMH is a specialized surgeon in reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics, and has a diploma in breasts surgery. His degree in medicine and surgery was proclaimed with honors, printing dignity and honorable mention in 1998, and his plastic surgeon specialized training ended in 2005 with the conferment with honors of the diploma of Specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

During his training, Dr. Borra acquired plastic surgery skills and has deepened some specific fields in facial plastic surgery, breast surgery and cosmetic surgery in centers of reference.

Dr. Borra was chief assistant and first operator from 2002 to 2005 for over 1000 interventions. Dr. Borra has an authorized specialist medical practice issued by ‘Office of the  Medico Cantonale of Ticino and is an active member of Doctors Order of the Canton of Ticino and the FMH; he was awarded the diploma of mammalogy at the end of a second level master. Dr. Borra lives with his family and works in Ticino in order to be close to his patients.

What makes Dr. Borra more special than the others.

Outstanding training in plastic surgery.

After graduating in medicine and surgery, Dr. Borra holds a graduate degree as reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics. Not occasional courses for general practitioners, but a real institutional process with difficult practical and theoretical tests overcame with honors. During his training, Dr. Borra has been able to work alongside the most respected experts in the world of plastic surgery, dealing with cases of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

His numbers.

Thanks to his complete post-graduated training, Dr. Borra was one of the youngest plastic surgery specialists to open a private practice.

After 17 years of practice, of which the last 10 carried out privately, his medical office has already been chosen by 3,000 patients.
Dr. Borra has certified more than 20,000 hours in the operating room.

For his precision and his accuracy in every operation, Dr. Borra was chosen by Swiss television to perform live several surgeries, including, to name one, in 2010, his infamous breast augmentation from the armpit.

State of his facilities.

Excellent materials, advanced clinics, technical excellence to elevate the highest level of Dr. Borra’s interventions.

Dr. Borra is a member of the Clinica Sant’Anna’s staff since 2006  where he performs most of reconstructive procedures, especially after obtaining the Diploma in Breast Surgery for patients who have suffered from breast cancer.

Artistic approach.

Besides his passion for plastic surgery Dr. Borra has different interests. He loves the outdoors, enjoyes in particular skiing and cycling. His passion for photography led him to travel in search of the perfect photo. He loves to spend free time with his family and playing with his two little girls.
His true talents are a charismatic personality and ability of contact with others from which he draws a sincere pleasure. This is what patients most love about him.

What patients say: Chiara N.

Friendly and qualified staff. Dr. Borra is always available. He listens to his patients very carefully and gives correct advice for intervention. I am extremely satisfied.
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