Aesthetic surgery / Men

It is no longer a mystery: also men care about their appearance and don’t like getting old. There are specific treatments that maintain the masculine aspect enhancing their beauty . If you're a man and you want to get closer to plastic surgery Dr. Borra is the right person for you: whether it's thickening your hair or remove some wrinkles please contact him with confidence.


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Hair Transplant

You keep on looking in the mirror and that thinning up top is getting bigger. Take the situation under control and call confidently Dr. Borra. He will tell you honestly what he can do to help you solve your problem.

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Male Breast

Technically called gynecomastia, it’s the enlarged breast tissue that you just don’t like anymore. The areolas are too big? Find out how you can solve your problem and get ready to show off your chest without thoughts.

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Weather your problem is impaired breathing or a too large nose, you should always remember that yours is a male nose. Ask Dr. Borra The details of his rhinoplasty for men.

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Aesthetic medicine

Discover fantastic results that men can get with medical aesthetic treatments, in particular hyaluronic acid and botox. Do not forget that for men's skin laser procedures are fantastic.

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In Dr. Borra’s medical office you will find the latest technologys to give you a modern and complete service. Whether it's hair removal or Cryolipolysis you will find the solution to your problems. His staff is at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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