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Find out how aesthetic medicine is the right solution for modern men that care about their look, but without excess. From Botox to laser Dr. Borra’s male treatments are super customized in order to remain loyal to yourself.


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What does Dr. Borra suggest for man?


Dr. Borra uses these biocompatible materials since 1998. Dr. Borra advises them in men especially for the nasolabial folds.
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In your blood, there is already a resource that can save your skin:  plasma is rich in growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen.
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Your face is thin and skin is withered? Sculptra makes it toned and firm.
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Born for other purposes Botox has revolutionized aesthetic medicine: discover how Dr. Borra can remove tiredness from your face, leaving you with a magnetic look.
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Stamina cells

Did you know that you have a supply of fibroblasts ready to be used? It is just the matter  to withdraw stem cells and you’ll have all the collagen that you want for your skin. Ask Dr. Borra, experienced in this procedure, how to do so.
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Your collagen can be worked on and improved with pulsed light. Please contact Dr. Borra’s medical office to book your session.
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Lips are important even for men, but they have different volumes and definition from women’s.
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Lifting with threads

Resorting to Silhouette Soft support threads we can rais first sagging skin without necessarily resorting to surgery.
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Your body can get rid of fat alone: help him with this revolutionary technology. Please contact with confidence  Dr. Borra that is an official partner of Coolsculpting for Ticino.
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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Did you know that with hyaluronic acid we can remove the hump of your nose? Book today your consultation  by Dr. Borra and he will explain how!
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Facelift without surgery

With his vast experience, Dr. Borra has combined small procedures to lift the face and give it it’s lost volumes back . Surprise yourself as cosmetic medicine of the future is already present today.
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If you want to improve face relaxation, but don’t want to resort to any injection this may be the solution for you. Read more about Ulthera

V-Lift threads

Thin threads that give your skin structure:  V-Lift threads  is a brilliant treatment.
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